Drawing upon over 45 years of experience in the field of bioengineering, E. Glenn Tickner is widely regarded as an expert in ultrasound research – a discipline in which he specialized for the last 30 years of his career. Notably, Mr. Tickner was the very first individual to patent microbubbles as an ultrasound contrast agent, having also developed microbubble technologies for other vascular diagnostic procedures. Beginning his career as a student at Monterey Peninsula College, from which he earned an Associate of Arts, he subsequently earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, both from the University of California Berkeley College of Engineering. Subsequently, he completed doctoral coursework at Stanford University.

After receiving his academic degrees, Mr. Tickner served Vidya, a research and development company, through which he developed the first successful 2-megawatt arc-plasma generator. Impressively, this device is known for heating the discharge air passing through to approximately the known temperature of the sun’s surface. Escalating to the rank of bioengineer at Vidya, Mr. Tickner performed a significant amount of research under a NASA contract within the area of cardiac medicine as it relates to a zero-gravity environment. Upon the completion of this work, Mr. Tickner discovered his natural aptitude for bioengineering, establishing the foundation for the remainder of his career.

During this time, Mr. Tickner worked intensively with microbubbles and, alongside Ned Rasor, patented the first ultrasonic contrast agent using microbubbles. Patenting numerous other devices and concepts since that time, Mr. Tickner subsequently joined several other prominent corporations, including Microsome and Rasor Associates, Inc. He then began serving Point Biomedical Corporation as an engineer in 1996, where he remained a distinguished research scientist until his retirement in 2006.

Outside of his primary endeavors, Mr. Tickner has established himself as a published writer, having authored the fictional book “Instinct or Learned?” Currently, he is writing a second novel, which is tentatively titled “Jessi.” Looking toward the future, Mr. Tickner would like to continue his creative writing pursuits.

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