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From a formative age, Dr. Brian Robinson aspired to be a physician. Influenced by his grandfather, a family practitioner, he endeavored to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and continue his legacy. Receiving a Doctor of Medicine from the School of Medicine at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 1994, Dr. Robinson subsequently became board certified as an orthopedic surgeon. Since 1999, he has excelled as the founder and a physician at the Southwest Bone & Joint Institute in Silver City, New Mexico.

Outside of his primary medical endeavors, Dr. Robinson has served in academia as a faculty member at the University of Arizona. Additionally, he was a team physician for various athletic programs at Western New Mexico University. He attributes much of his success to his hard work, diligence and desire to sustain the best practices for all his patients. Among the many highlights in his career, Dr. Robinson is especially proud of establishing his own orthopedic practice. To this end, he advises that his ultimate goal is to provide high-quality care to the rural communities in New Mexico.

To remain abreast of developments in the field of medicine, Dr. Robinson maintains affiliation with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, with whom he was regional chief of staff, as well as served as vice president of the New Mexico Orthopedic Association in 2002. Living and working by the mantra, “Work hard to be the best,” Dr. Robinson emphasizes his love and passion for orthopedics and considers it among the most wondrous subspecialties of medicine.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Robinson intends to continue providing premier care to all his patients through the Southwest Bone & Joint Institute. Eventually, he aims to hire an additional orthopedic surgeon to continue his practice and, subsequently, take on ownership when he is ready to ease into retirement. Dr. Robinson was born in Silver City. Married to his wife Lynn, he has two sons, Michael and Patrick.

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