To prepare for his pronounced career in the engineering industry, Thomas C. Seubert pursued a formal education at Lawrence Technological University. Receiving a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1990, he subsequently completed postgraduate coursework in controls engineering at Wayne State University. Now drawing upon more than 30 years of expertise in his field, he has excelled as a manufacturing execution systems (MES) delivery and program manager with Cognizant since 2021. As an extension of his vocation, Mr. Seubert is responsible for Cognizant’s myriad of programs and projects, as well as assists with long-range planning and the global delivery of their Savigent Software MES solutions to Cargill, Inc.

Outside of his primary work endeavors, Mr. Seubert has contributed his wealth of expertise to various blog articles via the International Society of Automation. In 2021, he authored the article “IT and OT in Manufacturing Execution Systems,” having previously penned “OEE in Manufacturing Operations Management” in 2020. He is especially proud of co-authoring alongside Grant Vokey, “Manufacturing Execution Systems: An Operations Management Approach” in 2020. Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Seubert has been especially revered for developing and training several manufacturing IT project management tools. He attributes much of his present success to his ability to communicate effectively with others.

As a testament to his resounding success in his industry, Mr. Seubert has accrued numerous accolades. In July 2022, he received the Thomas G. Fisher Award from the International Society of Automation. Additionally, he received the IEOM Distinguished Service Award from IEOM Society International in 2015. Furthermore, Mr. Seubert has remained dedicated to civic service, having been involved with the Boy Scouts of America. From the acclaimed organization, he earned the District Award of Merit from the Sunrise District in 2014 and the St. George Award in 2013.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Seubert intends to gain more exposure in university settings, particularly to integrate his book into a university program, course or curriculum. Additionally, he would like to continue mentoring the next generation of engineering and manufacturing employees in the field.

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