To prepare for his career in human resources and consultancy, Jerald Preston Everett pursued an education at East Central Community College, earning an Associate of Arts in liberal arts in 1964. He subsequently received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Mississippi State University in 1966 and a Master of Science in vocational rehabilitation from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1975. Prior to concluding his academic career, Mr. Everett obtained a Master of Science in public administration from Georgia State University in 1977. As a testament to his success in his respective fields, he was honored with the Alumnus of the Year Award from his alma mater, East Central Community College, in 2021.

Now retired, Mr. Everett accrued over 30 years of expertise with the Social Security Administration in Mississippi. Serving the administration as a human resources consultant for 34 fruitful years, he concurrently served the State of Mississippi as a human resources director and East Central Community College as a volunteer fundraiser. He also served his alma mater as president of their alumni board for one year. Mr. Everett credits much of his success throughout his career to the influence and mentorship of such individuals as John Cook, who was the director of Disability Determination Services for the State of Mississippi during Mr. Everett’s tenure in government service.

In light of his exceptional achievements, Mr. Everett earned several honors and accolades over the course of his vocation. Between 1979 and 1987, he received several Recognition Awards for Outstanding Service from the Educational Employees Credit Union, as well as Appreciation for Service Awards from the Mississippi Department of Human Services Credit Union from 1987 to 1997. Furthermore, Mr. Everett was bestowed with a Service Award plaque for 15 years of dedicated service and the 1982 Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service from the Southeast Association of Disability Examiners.

In the forthcoming years, Mr. Everett would like to continue enjoying his well-deserved retirement. In his post-working years, he has lent his time to various civic endeavors, including volunteering with organizations and providing service to and attending his local church.

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