Since 2019, James Vincent Eade has excelled as the chief executive officer of the Eade Foundation. Notably, the Eade Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that aims to establish various communities in underserved areas and supply equipment and instruction in the game of chess. In the present day, the Eade Foundation has expanded its programs throughout five African countries. Before establishing his nonprofit organization, Mr. Eade organized various chess tournaments in the 1990s and was the founder of a chess publishing company titled Hypermodern Press.

Known for his scholarly output, Mr. Eade has authored and edited several books. He is the author of the 1996 book “Chess for Dummies” and the 2004 book “The Chess Player’s Bible,” both of which have been translated into seven different languages. Likewise, Mr. Eade penned “Chess Openings for Dummies” in 2010 and is a past editor of the CalChess Journal. Throughout his career, he has been revered for his expertise in the game of chess, having been recognized as a master chess player and tournament organizer.

In light of his accomplished career, Mr. Eade has received a myriad of accolades. He was named Chess Educator of the Year by the University of Texas at Dallas in 2016 and earned the Outstanding Career Achievement Award from the U.S. Chess Federation in 2018. Most recently, he received the Chess Journalists of America Award for best chess website in 2022 and received two honorable mentions for best interviews from the Chess Journalists of America.

Drawing upon a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a Master of Arts in human resources management, with a minor in organizational development, from the University of San Francisco, Mr. Eade has served the chess community in a myriad of capacities. He is a past president and trustee of the U.S. Chess Trust, the American zone president of the World Chess Federation, and the past president of CalChess and the Chess Journalists of America. He attributes much of his success to his ability to focus intently on his objectives, as well as his strong sense of determination and resilience.

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