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Born in Nigeria, Dr. Valentine Ugwumba Otuechere has accrued 40 years of experience within the health care industry. Following work in private practice in his home country of Nigeria for a decade, he relocated to California in the United States, where he has operated as the medical director of the Valentine Medical Clinic since 2009. Dr. Otuechere emphasizes that his foray into the medical industry was prompted by the influence of an excellent surgeon, Dr. James Umuna, under whom Dr. Otuechere worked during his medical training.

To prepare for his career, Dr. Otuechere received a Doctor of Medicine from the School of Medicine at the University of Benin, followed by residencies at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Subsequently, he earned a Master of Public Health from the University of California Los Angeles. Notably, Dr. Otuechere has been licensed to practice medicine in the State of California and maintains active affiliation with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Moreover, he is a member of the nurse practitioner advisory committee with Loma Linda University.

Dr. Otuechere attributes much of his success to the encouragement of his parents, who both instilled in him the value of education and discipline. To this end, his father was the first individual in his community to apply for a university education, thereby influencing a myriad of young students to seek higher education, as well. Dr. Otuechere has since contributed numerous articles to professional journals throughout his career and received the Outstanding Award from the Riverside Medical Association.

Although he has experienced several career highlights, Dr. Otuechere is especially gratified by establishing his medical clinic, which has become one of the premier medical clinics in Riverside, California. Additionally, he is proud of building a hospital in Nigeria, where he plans to retire when he is ready to depart from the field of medicine. Looking toward the future, Dr. Otuechere intends to train emerging physicians within the health care system and hopes that his children become interested in careers in medicine.

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