Bryan Kendrick was initially inspired to enter the field of finance by his father, who was an accountant. Matriculating at Lipscomb University, Mr. Kendrick graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting in 1978 and, subsequently, was hired by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Serving the laboratory in a myriad of roles, he thrived as the director of accounting and the director of business analysis before being promoted to the position of deputy chief financial officer. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Kendrick was named the chief financial officer of UT-Battelle LLC, a nonprofit organization that manages and operates the Oak Ridge National Laboratory through the Department of Energy.

Notably, Mr. Kendrick maintained employment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory for nearly 35 years before joining United Cleanup Oak Ridge (UCOR) in 2012. Drawing upon over 40 years of expertise, he currently excels as the organization’s controller. Notably, UCOR is responsible for safety deactivating and demolishing former nuclear facilities, which has included the Oak Ridge Reservation in Tennessee. In his role as controller, Mr. Kendrick oversees all accounting procedures, which also includes such tasks as monthly financials, payroll across 700 employees, benefits accounting and indirect budgeting. Alongside these primary responsibilities, he also liaises with the organization’s chief executive officer and the Department of Energy, among other assignments.

Outside of his primary endeavors, Mr. Kendrick gives back to his community through volunteerism. He has served as a coach for youth sports for many years and established a golfing program at a local private high school, which has since provided numerous scholarships to deserving students. A collegiate golfer himself, Mr. Kendrick has always exhibited passion for humanitarian and athletic endeavors, and he also participates in his local church.

As a testament to his resounding success in the field, Mr. Kendrick has earned a plethora of accolades from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, such as performance and leadership awards. He is foreseeing retirement in the forthcoming future in 2024. In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and extended family.

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