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For more than five decades, Barbara Seaborn has expressed her creativity through music and as an award-winning author and writer. Having cultivated a lifelong love for music beginning at a formative age, she hails from a family of musicians and eventually became the family accompanist. During the eighth grade, Ms. Seaborn began playing the piano for their local church. As time progressed, she received a formal education at Gordon College, from which she earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology in 1957 while concurrently studying the organ.

Over the course of many decades, Ms. Seaborn wrote music commentary for the Lorenz Music Company magazines in 1986, as well as served as an organist for the Woodlawn United Methodist Church. Likewise, for two years beginning in 2012, she was an organist for the Grace United Methodist Church. Presently, Ms. Seaborn is the pianist for the North Augusta Southern Methodist Church and as a Sunday school teacher for her local church. She has maintained affiliation with such organizations as the American Guild of Organists and the Augusta Music Teachers Association. Moreover, she is a past European Council president for the Protestant Women of the Chapel, a military organization, while living in Germany in 1976.

As an accomplished author, Ms. Seaborn most recently penned the book “Monumental Legacy: The Rise and Fall of Hamburg, South Carolina” through iUniverse in 2021. Earlier, she authored the book “As Long as the Rivers Run: Highlights from Columbia County’s Past” through Crown Point Publishing in 2011. Furthermore, she was a columnist and feature editor for the Columbia County News-Times for 30 years.

As a testament to her considerable success in the field of authorship, Ms. Seaborn was honored with a local Outstanding Achievement Award and earned second place for an accolade offered by Reader’s Digest. In accounting for her success, she credits her abiding faith, having garnered much respect and admiration due to her selfless nature while teaching the Bible. Although she has experienced a myriad of highlights throughout her life, she is especially pleased with the work she has conducted, which has provided her with much satisfaction and enjoyment.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Seaborn intends to continue teaching Bible studies during her Sunday school classes. Her avocations include spending time with her family, which includes her two sons, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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