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Excelling within the fields of medicine and technology for many years, Melanie Mears presently serves as a CT (computer tomography) technologist at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania. In her role, she leverages imaging machines and various resources to develop maps of her patients’ internal tissues and organs to accurately assess their health and well-being. Among her myriad of responsibilities, Ms. Mears maintains accountability for interpreting physicians’ instructions, administering contrast materials, preparing and operating the CT scan equipment, and positioning each patient to capture appropriate images. In more recent years, Ms. Mears has worked directly with patients with COVID-19, as well as patients who have sustained brain injuries, strokes and other trauma to the body.

Interested in medicine from an early age, Ms. Mears witnessed her grandmother become diagnosed with cancer. After watching how the compassionate medical staff were able to assist her grandmother, Ms. Mears was inspired to change the lives of similar patients who are enduring medical struggles. Likewise, when she was only the age of 12, Ms. Mears broke her arm and was assisted by x-ray technologists, which further prompted her to enter the same field.

To this end, Ms. Mears first earned a certification in x-ray medicine in 2000, followed by certifications in nuclear medicine in 2001 and CT scanning in 2020 – moments that she considers to be highlights of her career. As her career has progressed, Ms. Mears is thankful for the guidance and tutelage of such mentors as Debbie Miller, Suzanne Brenner and Jean Leinhart, who all taught her the value of patience and encouraged her to forge her own professional path. In accounting for her success, Ms. Mears credits the support of her friends and family, as well as her own motivation to become a professional who can make a difference in others’ lives.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Mears has been recognized extensively by Marquis Who’s Who. Recently highlighted with a press release in 2022, she was also named a Top Health Care Provider in 2022 and a Worldwide Humanitarian in 2021. Additionally, she was selected for inclusion in Marquis Millennium Magazine. Looking toward the future, Ms. Mears intends to acquire her PET (positron emission tomography) scan certification and advance in her field.

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