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Justin Garret Luper commenced his military career aboard the USS Constellation CV64 with the United States Navy. During his tenure in the Navy, he contemplated his future career paths until an emergency response called him to pursue a subsequent career in the health care industry. At this time, Mr. Luper knew that he could excel in emergency medicine in a military capacity, which has since afforded him opportunities to travel the world and work alongside ambassadors and other prominent figures.

Mr. Luper first served as a medical clerk for the Naval Station 32nd Street Branch, BUDS Class 230, First Medical Battalion, Seventh Engineers, First Marine Division Infantry Units and the Branch Medical Clinic. While attending to his naval duties, he completed field medical training at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, as well as at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center. Equipped with an associate degree, Mr. Luper then completed additional coursework at the Naval School of Health Sciences from 1994 to 2002. Notably, he served on active duty in the Navy for eight years.

Subsequent to his active duty, Mr. Luper began serving as an emergency room technician at Kingwood Medical Center, where he remained for nearly five years, and thereafter in the field of ambulance 911 response with AMR in Arlington, Texas. Since 2008, he has excelled with Triple Canopy at Constellis, through which he is a nationally registered advanced emergency medical technician (EMT-A) medic under the Worldwide Protective Services-Protective Security Specialist. He holds certifications as an EMT-A, as well as through the Joint Tactical Medicine Training Center, Emergency Consultants Inc., and the Joint Emergency Services Training Center.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Luper worked for the U.S. Department of State as a contractor, where he notably lent his expertise to diplomacy issues in high-risk areas. Featured extensively in the media, Mr. Luper also shared his breadth of knowledge to former Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who served as the Ambassador to Iraq during the Bush Administration and Ambassador to Afghanistan during the Obama Administration. Impressively, Mr. Luper’s direct work with the former ambassador earned him a Token of Appreciation, and he has been actively involved in protecting a few of the most poignant members of the United States government.

The recipient of a myriad of accolades, including awards and letters of recommendation, Mr. Luper intends to continue experiencing the success of his career in the forthcoming years. He has maintained membership with the Marine Corps League.

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