Following his graduation from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, in 1995, from which he obtained a Bachelor of Science in economics, Chad E. Childress was hired to work for American National Insurance. Serving as manager of their variable annuity department between 1996 and 2001, Mr. Childress discovered that his skills resided in hands-on work as opposed to an office environment. From there, he focused his attention on welding, having been influenced by his father, who taught his son how to weld during his tenure at a pipe fitting union.

Since 2001, Mr. Childress has excelled as the owner and president of C Bar Contractors, located in Hitchcock, Texas. Certified as a pipe welder and in pressure vessels, he spearheaded his business to work on projects in both new construction and repairs and restorations. Likewise, he and his business are responsible for planning, managing and building multi-phase jobs, thereby offering in-depth client experiences. He is most notable for his exquisite communication services toward all his clients, which have included budgeting, staffing, on-site organization and excellent handiwork. Over the course of C Bar Contractors’ existence – which has now exceeded 20 years in business – the business has worked with a myriad of industrial facilities to design and fabricate projects that require detail and accuracy.

Mr. Childress attributes his success to his diligent work ethic, as well as the quality of work he and his team provide, which has ultimately led to customers returning to conduct repeat business over the years. Among the many highlights of his career, he is especially proud of sending his group of welders to work on various apparatuses for NASA through Jacob’s Engineering. Additionally, C Bar Contractors has also worked with Key Engineering, where their work in stainless steel have become a back-up air conditioning system for space stations if their primary operations were to fail.

Outside of his main endeavors, Mr. Childress is civically engaged in his community, having sponsored various tee-shirt rallies at local high schools. He has further donated his time and expertise to his local 4H and several animal rights programs. Looking toward the future, Mr. Childress intends to expound upon his business and increase their revenue, as he wishes to exceed $30 million dollars.

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