Always exhibiting a creative eye for the arts, Kristine Nash Finklea inherited her father’s antiques collection. Drawing upon this formative experience, she had an affinity for creating artwork and selling her pieces to finish her collegiate studies. She subsequently attended Stephen F. Austin State University, from which she earned a Bachelor of Arts in painting and art history and a Master of Arts in painting and art education. At the inception of her professional career, Ms. Finklea served as a commissioned artist and a private educator before launching her entrepreneurial career.

Since 1985, Ms. Finklea has excelled as the owner of Kristi Finklea Interiors, formerly known as Antiques Environment. She emphasizes that she has always been fascinated by the buildings she has worked on in Dallas, Texas, as her work involved antiques, as well as design. After spending several years working under the guidance of others, she saved enough finances for one year’s worth of salary, thereby leveraging her financial stability to spearhead her own company. Among the many highlights of her career, Ms. Finklea is especially proud of continuing to serve clients whom she initially met over 35 years ago. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she has thrived as a designer and even presented a virtual kitchen to a client in the midst of the pandemic.

Civically involved as well, Ms. Finklea has donated her time and efforts to various charities and maintains membership with Delta Kappa Gamma. She attributes her success to her years of knowledge, as well as her confidence in her own marketable skills. Likewise, Ms. Finklea is proud of her passion for her industry, which has allowed her to work diligently to build her own reputation, collaborate with others and accept a myriad of opportunities.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Finklea intends to continue experiencing the growth and success of Kristi Finklea Interiors, as well as maintain her involvement in the arts. She would also like to travel across Europe to share her wisdom, experience different cultures and bring innovation to her work.

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