Interested in the fields of technology and engineering from a formative age, Ned M. Ahdoot prepared for his career by seeking a formal education at the New York City College of Technology. Receiving a Bachelor of Science, he subsequently enrolled in New York University. From there, he earned a Master of Science in electrical engineering. Now recognized as an inventor and holder of a myriad of patents, he has accrued more than 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Initially, Mr. Ahdoot began his career with hardware and electronic designs and, as time progressed, he delved into system engineering.

Following many decades of diligent work as an aerospace scientist, Mr. Ahdoot joined TRID System in Los Angeles. Since 2012, he has served the company as their chief executive officer. Throughout the course of his career, he has garnered more than 10 patents for a variety of inventions, including rotary engines, ocean wave technology, renewed technology, image processing in spectroscopy and learning artificial intelligence. He also has patents for ocean wave energy.

Attributing his success to his dedication to his profession and a hard work ethic, Mr. Ahdoot is especially proud of his invention of two rotary engines, which are gas-efficient and beneficial to the environment. He notes that his inventions help reduce the effects of global warming.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Ahdoot intends to focus on the promotion and advanced development of his patents, particularly his rotary engines. He feels fortunate to have had a collaborative relationship with the National Science Foundation, who agreed to provide funding to Mr. Ahdoot so he could further develop his many projects. In five years’ time, he would like his projects to attract the attention of investors. Through these means, he hopes that he will obtain more financial assistance to make a greater impact on the fields of engineering and technology, as well as society at large.

Mr. Ahdoot currently resides in Los Angeles. He has three children: David, Daniel and Deborah. He is also the proud grandfather of three grandchildren: Mia, Lev and Naomi.

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