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Determined to make a positive impact on others, Lori Whitney has excelled in the government sector for more than 30 years. Upon receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and political science, cum laude, from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1990, she joined the Wisconsin State Assembly in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1991. First, Ms. Whitney was a messenger for the assembly for four years, after which time she was promoted to the rank of postal clerk in 1995. Remaining in that position for eight years, she has excelled as a legislative staff member and a postmistress since 2003.

Throughout her career, Ms. Whitney has served in several civic-related capacities, most recently including as a member of the state coordinating committee for the State Employees Combined Campaign in Madison and a member and donor for People for the American Way, both since 1996. Since 1994, she has also thrived as a donor for the Southern Poverty Law Center and, since 1992, she has been a fundraiser for the State Employees Combined Campaign. Earlier in her career, Ms. Whitney was a campaign volunteer for a myriad of individuals, including for Tammy Baldwin for the United States Senate, former President Barack Obama, John Kerry, Kathleen Falk, Jim Doyle and Barbara Lawton, among many other prominent individuals. Likewise, Ms. Whitney was a monthly donor for and member of the Planned Parenthood National Leadership Council between 1994 and 2012 and a member of the Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty between 1993 and 2009. Moreover, she is a past volunteer for Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin, past fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and American Diabetes Association, and past member of Amnesty International. Additionally, Ms. Whitney has been a blood donor for the American Red Cross since 1996. To date, she has donated more than 17.5 gallons of blood.

Maintaining further membership with the American Civil Liberties Union, National Organization of Women and Progressive United, Ms. Whitney has also accrued numerous accolades throughout her tenure in government. In 2005, she earned the Bob Alesch Award from the State Employees Combined Campaign, having previously received the 2004 Top Fundraiser Award from the Madison Walk for Diabetes and the 2004 Know Your Wisconsin State Journal Award. Additionally, Ms. Whitney was the recipient of the 2004 Backyard Hero Award from Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin, the 2002 Hannah Needham Rogers Award from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin and the 2002 Community Volunteer Award from the United Way. In 1995, she was bestowed with the Hopebuilder Habitat for Humanity Award.

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