At the inception of his career, Bhinda Singh initially became involved in the automotive industry. Following his high school graduation, he obtained a certification as a mechanic and worked on cars for seven years. During this time, Mr. Singh’s father encouraged him to delve into the food industry, drawing upon their family history in working with food services. Mr. Singh concurrently worked as a mechanic and in various restaurants until 2013 when he retired from the automotive industry. Since 2017, he has excelled as the owner of Curry Pizza in South Jordan, Utah.

Notably, Mr. Singh is a fifth-generation food business owner. As the years progressed, Curry Pizza has received much acclaim on a national scale, having been highlighted by Yelp as among the Top 100 Restaurants in the United States and the Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S., both in 2020. Impressively, Curry Pizza was featured on two television shows in 2018 and 2019, “Diner Seven” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” respectively. Profiled with positive reviews in Salt Lake City Weekly News, Mr. Singh has also won a myriad of county awards. Currently, Curry Pizza has four different locations. Mr. Singh intends on franchising his business in the forthcoming future, establishing more locations across the country.

Looking forward, Mr. Singh intends to continue serving Curry Pizza as owner and, eventually, pass down the restaurant to his family members to keep it a family-owned business. Emphasizing the importance of keeping businesses within the family, instead of the business being run by investors, he is incredibly grateful for the success his restaurant has had. He notes a highlight of his career has been devising new recipes on a regular basis, as well as providing excellent customer service to all patrons. He attributes his success to the support of his parents and grandparents, as well as other individuals who have contributed to the establishment of Curry Pizza.

Outside of his primary endeavors, Mr. Singh enjoys dedicating his time to volunteering in his local community, and he frequently donates resources to his home country of India.

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