Cultivating a passion for literature and writing from a formative age, Dr. Frederick Kiefer decided to pursue a career in English and, subsequently, academia. Attending Loyola College, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1967 before matriculating in Harvard University. At Harvard, he earned a Master of Arts in English in 1968 and a Doctor of Philosophy in English in 1972.

Following his receipt of his doctorate degree, Dr. Kiefer joined the faculty of the University of Arizona, where he served as a professor of English beginning in 1973. Since 1995, he has excelled as a University Distinguished Professor at the aforementioned university, who recognized his teaching prowess to undergraduate students and honored him with the title. Although his career has been suffused with highlights, he is especially proud of his reputation as an excellent instructor in English literature.

Alongside his primary educational endeavors, Dr. Kiefer is a prolific author on the topic of Shakespearean drama. To date, he has penned five books on Shakespeare and his fellow dramatists. Additionally, he frequently travels to London to watch professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays and to accommodate his research and has been a judge of high school contests for students participating in Shakespearean plays. Furthermore, he attends meetings of the International Shakespeare Association every two years, which are held in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Dr. Kiefer is a member of the Shakespeare Association of America and the Renaissance Society of America. As a testament to his success, he was recognized with an accolade for the “Best Book Submitted in the Field of Shakespeare Studies” at the University of Delaware, as well as a fellowship through the Huntington Library. Attributing his success to his strong work ethic, he intends to ease into a well-deserved retirement in the forthcoming future.

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