Supported by more than 50 years of experience in virology, biotechnology and disease control, Dr. Krzysztof Jan Wojciechowski has excelled as an international consultant on animal health in the Balkans since 2000. After completing studies in veterinary medicine at Warsaw Agricultural University-SGGW in 1961, he was employed by Polfa Pharmaceuticals as a mycologist and antibiotics fermentation master producer for a number of years. Shortly thereafter, he completed doctoral studies in veterinary research and graduated from the National Veterinary Research Institute in Pulawy with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in microbiology in 1967. Following his receipt of his doctorate degree, Dr. Wojciechowski served as a virology advisor to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture before becoming employed by the Laboratory of Veterinary Hygiene in Warsaw as an assistant professor of virology and head of the virology section between 1967 and 1977, where he further served as a university lecturer on epizootiology virology and veterinary propaedeutics.

Following these prestigious appointments, Dr. Wojciechowski worked with the FAO-UN Veterinary Project as an animal health officer in virology in Afghanistan, as well as at the FAO Animal Production and Health Division of the FAO-UN Headquarters as an animal health officer in virology in Rome, Italy. In 2001, he was impressively nominated for the George C. Poppensiek visiting professorship in international veterinary medicine at Cornell University.

Among his greatest achievements, Dr. Wojciechowski is especially proud of his research and policy work beginning in 1982, in which his research and developments resulted in the establishment of the Pan-African rinderpest eradication campaign. He also contributed to the rinderpest eradication program, which led to the global elimination of rinderpest by 2011. Demonstrating versatility in his field, he has authored or co-authored more than 50 research and 35 review papers, as well as 25 FAO reports, 11 FAO training books and 80 reports from duty travels. He was the editor of “Flowers for Anna: Memoirs of K.M. Millak, 1886-1920” and the author of “Mikolaj Rej Lycee in Warsaw at the Peak of Stalinism” and “Contemporary Veterinary Scientists and Humanists: Interviews.”

As a testament to his success, Dr. Wojciechowski was recognized with a Medal in 2013 from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and an Amicus Veterinariae Medal in 2011. Additionally, he was honored with an honorary diploma and certificate of appreciation from PANVAC. He is a past UN fellow in veterinary virology and co-founder of the CENTAUR Network, as well as an advisor to several global institutions.

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