Supported by more than four decades of expertise in welding engineering and technology, James M. Feil has excelled as a welding engineering and NDT Level III with Loc Performance Products, Inc., in Michigan since 2019. Notably, Loc Performance Products is distinguished for its services to the commercial and defense industries and, coupled with Mr. Feil’s innate understanding of job performance and engineering, the company has proven itself a reliable resource across the nation. A noted aficionado in materials joining and nondestructive testing, Mr. Feil has made numerous advancements in his industry and was instrumental in several projects, including rebuilding steam generators at a nuclear station in Canada.

Notably, Mr. Feil served in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary as a major in the Civil Air Patrol. He holds a Bachelor of Welding Engineering and a Master of Science in welding engineering, both from The Ohio State University in 1972 and 1974, respectively. He decided to delve into the engineering field after being acquainted with a professor of welding engineering at his alma mater, who encouraged Mr. Feil to enter the industry upon his college graduation. Looking toward the future, Mr. Feil intends to more into a higher-level executive management position in five years’ time.

Mr. Feil is a member of the American Welding Society and the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. He attributes his immense success to his diligence and determination to complete his work. Always enjoying his profession and the contributions he has made to Loc Performance Products over the years, he is especially proud of being a technical specialist to whom others can refer for valuable resources and knowledge.

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