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Drawing upon nearly 15 years of eminent experience in the field of medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Daquila has excelled in private practice since 2017, where she focuses her attention on preventative care and family medicine. Among her specialties, she is most renowned for her expertise in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and thyroid disorders, and her premier services have earned her a Patient Choice Award and a Compassion Award from In particular, Dr. Daquila is especially fond of conducting research in brain health and degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and notes that brain research is integral in the understanding of these degenerative disorders.

Prior to entering the medical field, Dr. Daquila served several major corporations in the technology and sciences sectors, in which she excelled as a computer scientist and built business systems for Japanese data companies. Upon entering the medical field in 2007 after completing her residency at the Atlantic Health System Family Medicine Center, she became a diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine. Currently, Dr. Daquila is prestigious as a well-rounded family practitioner whose empathetic nature is revered by both her patients and colleagues.

Dr. Daquila also holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Montclair State University and a Doctor of Medicine from St. George’s University School of Medicine, obtaining the latter in 2004. She attributes her immense success to her determination and drive, emphasizing that she has always continued progressing onward despite being in an often male-dominated field and despite societal expectations of women. She credits much of her success to her mentor Dr. Richard Cirello, who took Dr. Daquila under his wing during her residency. Dr. Daquila confesses that he was a major contributing factor in her early development as a doctor.

In five years’ time, Dr. Daquila intends to expand upon her existing skills and grow her private practice. Thoroughly enjoying her career, she also would like to practice medicine for as long as she is able to do so. The proud mother of two children, she currently resides in Port Orange, Florida.

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