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Retired since 1992, Laura L. Curry accrued several decades of nursing experience within the military and nursing home sectors. After graduating from high school, she joined the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, where she excelled for 24 illustrious years. Serving within the United States and in Vietnam, she rose to the rank of chief of ambulatory nursing with the U.S. Army prior to her retirement. Earlier in her career, Ms. Curry served as a head nurse of an emergency room and a nurse in nursing homes and medical centers.

Previously serving on several committees as well, Ms. Curry also focused her career on training and development within the health care industry, in which she trained everyone from janitors to nurses for approximately one year. Although her career has been filled with highlights, she is especially proud of her work in emergency rooms. In one instance, she desired to increase the size of the trauma room to accompany more patients, and with the help of hospital maintenance workers, she was able to remove walls to occupy a bigger space.

Although retired from nursing, Ms. Curry recalls her nursing experiences fondly and cites that giving her career and her country the utmost attention and service were the most rewarding moments of her career. To attest to her resounding success, she received numerous accolades and honors from the U.S. Army.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Curry would like to become a pastoral counselor to help individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder. Married to the late Chris Curry for several years, she is the proud mother of two children, Joseph and Mary, and grandmother of three grandchildren. She holds a Master of Science in nursing administration from the University of Texas.

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