Drawing upon more than 40 years of excellence in applied research, botany, biology, physics, nutrition and biochemistry, John W. Kennedy excels as the president of John W. Kennedy Consultants in Stevensville, Maryland, through which he has conducted extensive research and made discoveries within the realms of health, disease, and plant and biological sciences and technologies. Through John W. Kennedy Consultants, he has represented more than 90 different companies in 19 countries, and he holds more than 20 patents in the fields of space, human health and agriculture. Earlier in his career, Mr. Kennedy served as a staff officer with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture for 18 years.

Alongside his primary vocation, Mr. Kennedy served as the founder and chief science officer of Cells.Space, the founder of Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc., and the chief scientific officer of Ion Biotechnologies, Inc. Most recently, he has worked with in Mexico, where he is developing innovations on cancer cell treatment and “The CC Formula.” Mr. Kennedy’s interest in the sciences is derived from his formative years, having developed a strong curiosity for how things worked. He grew up on a dairy farm with no electricity and only one radio that allowed him to connect to the outside world. As he grew older, he received a bachelor’s degree in botany and natural science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1962.

Although his career has been filled with highlights, Mr. Kennedy is especially proud of conducting experiments that were included on space shuttle missions through NASA and SpaceX, as well as his noteworthy discovery of a group of underground pyramids called the Lost Pyramids, located in Rock Lake, Wisconsin. For his discoveries, he was featured on A&E and The Discovery Channel in 1998. After locating the pyramids in 1967, he was featured in Skin-Diver Magazine in 1969.

As a testament to his profound success, Mr. Kennedy has accrued myriad accolades and recognitions. He received an Eagle Scout Award in 2016 for his service to society and his community, as well as the Distinguished Alumni Award from D.C. Everest Senior High School in 2002. Featured in the “Chesapeake Business Ledger” in 2010 for his esteemed accomplishments, he has maintained affiliation with the National Eagle Scout Association, the Entomological Society of America, the American Legion and the Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc., with whom he is a lifetime member.

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