Inspired to enter the automotive industry from a young age, Andrew Bailey became acquainted with Jesse James, who had just founded his machine shop. As Mr. Bailey’s father did taxes for such individuals as Jesse James, Mr. Bailey often spoke to Jesse James about his motorcycle until he learned everything from how to build the motorcycle to the specifications about the vehicle. From that point forward, Mr. Bailey intended to delve into the field of automobiles. He is a former technician for Valvoline, where he served from 2006 to 2013, and since departing from that role, he has been a technician for Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers.

Drawing upon an Associate of Arts in business, office automation, technology and data entry from Nashua Community College in New Hampshire from 2010, Mr. Bailey is also a past volunteer builder for Habitat for Humanity, for whom he built homes in 2006. Throughout his life and career, he has always exhibited large aspirations and dreams, and he notes that he has spent the better part of his life endeavoring to perform at his best. Additionally, he advises others to pursue their dreams and to not allow anything to stand in their way of accomplishing their goals. He emphasizes that others should have the drive and stamina to tackle their dreams until they become achievements.

Mr. Bailey attributes his success to the support of his friends, family and coworkers, and he cites that the most rewarding aspect of his career is adapting and overcoming issues in the field. Looking toward the future, he intends to delve into the electrical field and return to college for further training. Additionally, he is interested in natural research and forestry and would like to study the environment and go on hikes more often.

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