Driven by his affinity for serving others, Wut Eick has excelled in the food service and hospitality industries for more than 15 years, which is exemplified through his renown throughout the Oregon coast. Opening his own restaurant, Bay View Thai Kitchen, in Depoe Bay, Oregon, in 2019, Mr. Eick is famous in the area for his diverse Thai dishes with special customizations for customers who have gluten, wheat or soy allergies. His restaurant is also acclaimed for its priority of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, opening up doors for patrons of all ages and lifestyles. Notably, Bay View Thai Kitchen is most recognized for its crab-fried rice.

Prior to founding his own restaurant, Mr. Eick was involved in the field of hospitality, particularly within the areas of food creation and customer service. Over the years, he has exemplified much success in his fields, as he rose from a dishwasher to chef in only a matter of years. In light of his understanding of what it means to climb the corporate ladder, Mr. Eick is especially involved in his community and has serviced the Coast Guard community in Depoe Bay. Even when Bay View Thai Kitchen is closed, Mr. Eick prioritizes the Coast Guard members and serves them food and drinks. In 2019, he was recognized by the Coast Guard for his exceptional service to the community.

Mr. Eick holds an Associate of Arts from the Western Culinary Institute, which he attained in 2002. When asked of his success, he attributes his renown in the area to his passion for helping and serving others, as well as sharing his wealth of knowledge of the food service and hospitality industries to others who are interested in the fields. Ultimately, he desires to help others in a more effective manner so that he can be seen as not only a mentor, but also a visionary and pioneer.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Eick enjoys several avocational activities in his spare time. He is a proponent of fishing, hiking, outdoor activities and studying such subjects as business and economic finance. He is also a member of his local Chamber of Commerce.

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