At the inception of his career, Alfio G. Brunetti Jr. started as a repairman for a phone company. Spending four years in that position, he subsequently delved into computer systems while working for Bell Laboratories. For his final six years with Bell, he was recruited into the security department as a facility security officer, in which he performed clearance for four different companies. During his career, Mr. Brunetti also served as a systems programmer for Mabel, and was a senior program manager for such corporations as AT&T Research and Development, Lucent, Bank One and Roslyn Bank between 1986 and 1992.

Since 1992, Mr. Brunetti has served as a corporate consultant for System Logistics. Although his career has been filled with accomplishments, he is proudest of being a founding member of the Windows of the World Club at the World Trade Center, as well as being among the group that conducted a recovery in a phone company building that was set on fire. Likewise, as a former captain and commander of the Civil Air Patrol, he is grateful for the opportunities that the Air Patrol gave him, noting that he once held a squadron together alongside another gentleman. As a result of his servitude, he received a commendation from the president of Nynex.

Alongside his primary endeavors, Mr. Brunetti has served as a fundraiser for the Women’s Health Center, coach for the South Nassau Community Hospital and chairman of the doctor-patient standards committee for SHARE. Additionally, he is a past chairman of the Chris Larkman Tournament. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and management from Manhattan College and a Master of Business Administration in economics and computer science from Pace University.

Maintaining affiliation with the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, National Military Intelligence Association, Knights of Templar, the Masons and the National Rifle Association, where he is recognized as a benefactor, Mr. Brunetti attributes his success to the support and encouragement of his parents, who instilled in him great values. To attest to his success, he has earned myriad accolades, including a Commander Achievement Award from the Civil Air Patrol, a Nassau County Award from the Nassau County Civil Air Patrol and a Commendation from the 101st Airborne Division. Likewise, he was twice named Mason of the Year.

Looking towards the future, Mr. Brunetti intends to obtain a professorship and spend his future teaching others about his areas of interest.

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