Finding that his career path into songwriting and poetry has been serendipitous, Anthony S. Coppolella has thoroughly enjoyed his 25-plus year long career within the entertainment industry. Since 1994, he has served as a songwriter for both Hilltop Records and Rainbow Records in Hollywood, California, in which he has written over 30 songs. Having 15 of his songs contracted to various artists, he is recognized for being a prolific songwriter, author and poet, contributing several poems to various anthologies, such as “Wind in the Night Sky” in 1993. He was also inducted into “Outstanding Poets of 1994” and was featured in “Best Poems of 1995” through the International Society of Poets.

Alongside his work in music, Mr. Coppolella was featured on CUTV News Radio in July of 2018, where he was included in a 30-minute show with Doug Llewelyn, in which he discussed his poetry and songwriting abilities. Additionally, Mr. Coppolella has been recognized for his poetry regarding world peace by The White House in Washington, D.C. After presenting his poetry at a symposium at The Sheraton, he mailed a copy of his poem to The White House, and subsequently received a wonderful letter signed by former President Bill Clinton. Mr. Coppolella has the letter framed in his home.

To attest to his success, Mr. Coppolella was presented with an Editor’s Choice Award in 1995. Inducted into the Aaronic Priesthood through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1991, he previously received a Sales Award through The Eastern Express in 1964 in light of his early career years in the sales industry.

The proud father of three children – Marlo Lynn, Anthony Christopher and Angelica Christa – Mr. Coppolella enjoys art, writing, sports, dancing and cooking in his leisure time. He has excelled as a lifetime member and consultant-advisor for the International Society of Poets since 1994 and maintains membership with the National Writers Association and the National Library of Poetry. Looking toward the future, he intends to write three books.

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