John Cullen is an acclaimed software engineer and independent author who has accrued more than 30 years of experience in software engineering. Since 2010, he has excelled as a software engineer for Software Technology Group, in which he leverages his unique skillset in technology and provides his expertise in .Net full-stack development. Notable for his innate ability to merge industry jargon and layman terms to offer a better understanding of engineering to the average civilian, Mr. Cullen is also a certified life coach, in which he mentors others toward the betterment and wellness of themselves and society.

An alumnus of the University of Nebraska, Mr. Cullen graduated with a BSBA in information systems management in 1994 and is additionally certified in Azure fundamentals and artificial intelligence development. Furthermore, he is lauded for his affinity for solving problems for his clientele with a penchant for professional dedication and career development. He attributes his profound success to his determination to continue moving forward despite the obstacles against him and following his ambitions.

Alongside his vocation in software engineering, Mr. Cullen is celebrated as an independent author. In January of 2020, he published the book “Unlikely: What If You Could Go Back,” and in May of 2020, he authored his second book, “Chasing Shadows.” Driven by an insatiable thirst to convey his knowledge via the written word, he has two more books unpublished that he intends to release in early 2021, titled “Emotional Metamorphosis: One Man’s Journey” and “Waking the Wight.” His books are notable for pushing forth narratives pertaining to intelligence software and science fiction, and are available for purchase on Likewise, he has maintained affiliation with the League of Utah Writers, who invited Mr. Cullen to prepare a video presentation for the 85th anniversary of the Quills Conference in August of 2020.

Propelled forward by the famous phrase, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes” by Marcel Proust, Mr. Cullen intends to witness the continued growth and success of his dual careers in software engineering and authorship. For more information on John Cullen, his books and his personal experiences, please visit his YouTube channel.

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