Serving the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles as corporate vice president of development from 1999 until his retirement in 2019, Baruch S. Littman is especially proud of raising awareness of Jewish issues within Los Angeles and the city’s surrounding areas. Providing an innate understanding of the Foundation’s mission and propelling that mission to the forefront of his mind, he dealt primarily with lawyers and accountants who leveraged their own expertise in creating a pool of charitable resources that directly benefitted the Foundation and the community in which it serves. Throughout his career, Mr. Littman notably raised approximately $400 million for the Foundation.

Attributing his success to his vigorous personality, his ability to relate to others, his listening skills and delivering messages promptly, Mr. Littman has thoroughly enjoyed his career and always wakes up with a positive attitude to push him through the day. Driven by his affinity for understanding the notion and financial concerns behind nonprofit organizations, he served as a resounding voice for his community. He has presented for such organizations as the Exit Planning Institute and is credited with developing the contemporary business model for the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

When asked of advice he would provide to aspiring professionals in his field of social service, Mr. Littman emphasizes that others should raise money to contribute to their foundations in more efficient manners, as well as to view charitable opportunities as true investment developments instead of conventional fundraising.

At the inception of his career in 1967, Mr. Littman served the Clairol division of Bristol Myers, where he was influenced by the senior vice president of the company, Alvin Hartley. Mr. Littman was further mentored by his friend Stanley Chase, who offered Mr. Littman sound advice when dealing with the Foundation’s transactional history. Lastly, Mr. Littman was inspired by Gordon Gregory, who founded Professional Networking Group (PNG), the largest networking group in California at the time. Since that time, Mr. Littman has served as a senior member of Provisors, and has also contributed his expertise to Advisors in Philanthropy and the executive committee of the Exit Planning Institute.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Littman intends to continue enjoying his retirement and spending time with his family.

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