Supported by more than 10 years of experience within the realms of engineering and project management, Robert A. Badal has been excelling as the senior project manager of ACS System Associates, Inc., in New York since 2011. Demonstrating tenacity and innovation throughout his tenure with the company, he eventually desires to open his own business in five years’ time. Prior to attaining his current position, he served B&B Sheet Metal Works, Inc., in New York as a production manager between 2011 and 2012. He commenced his career in 2009 as a superintendent of Beys Specialty, Inc., a role he held for two years.

To accommodate his professional achievements, Mr. Badal has accrued numerous certifications and degrees in his industry. He received a certificate in construction project management from New York University in 2014, followed by an Associate of Science in mechanical engineering from the New York City College of Technology the same year. In 2020, he became a Certified ScrumMaster and he has maintained membership with the SCRUM Alliance and the Project Management Institute.

Interested in engineering since his high school years, Mr. Badal was an accomplished student at Aviation High School, an aviation trade school in Long Island City, New York. During his time spent at the school, he developed an affinity for construction engineering, drawing upon the plethora of hands-on experiences he accrued there. Since that time, he has been recognized as a pivotal figure in his field and received the Congressional Award from Aviation High School in 2007.

Mr. Badal attributes his success to his interest in continuous learning. Noting that he is an avid learner, he enjoys reading informative books and manuals, subsequently leveraging his knowledge to incorporate his interests into other subject matters. He advises the future generation of engineering professionals to obtain field experience in conjunction with textbook learning. He emphasizes that there is no substitute for practical applications.

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