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Supported by nearly 44 years of experience in nursing, Patricia Louise Jacobs, CNA, is a retired geriatrics nurse assistant. Most recently, she worked in the special care unit of Good Samaritan Center in Canton, South Dakota between 1996 and 2001. She had previously served in the same capacity at myriad facilities, such as the Fellowship Village, Julia’s Valley Manor, Countryside Retirement Home, Sunrise Manor, Hillhaven and Beverly Enterprises. Commencing her career in 1976, Miss Jacobs also served as a nurse assistant at the Tommy Dale Development Center in Sioux City, Iowa, for two years. She also frequently excelled as a nurse assistant at Kimberly Nursing in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Drawing upon certification as a nursing assistant from Western Iowa Tech Community College from 1976, Miss Jacobs is lauded for her expertise in caregiving and has dedicated her life’s work to aiding others. Enjoying her profession immensely, she cites that a career highlight has been doing restorative therapy for Rock Rapids Health Center, knowing that her work has helped other individuals.

Demonstrating versatility in her field, Miss Jacobs has published a collection of poetry, titled “Together We Can,” a compilation of work based upon her life experiences throughout her professional and personal ventures. Looking forward, she intends to continue writing about the experiences she has garnered over the decades. She advises future nursing professionals to ensure that the health care field is the right field for them, emphasizing the difficulty of the discipline. She notes that if one genuinely enjoys their work, then the work they face will come easily.

To attest to her success, Miss Jacobs received a teamwork certificate in light of her accomplishments and collaborative efforts in the industry. She has always lived by the life philosophy of serving others with a selfless attitude, as she says that nursing is more than just a job. Outside of her professional endeavors, she enjoys reading, writing, playing the piano, cross-stitching and needlepoint sewing.

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