With research interests in East Asian international politics, Japanese politico-economic analyses, Asian comparative political systems, quality of life in Asian societies, Japanese foreign policy and international relations theories, Dr. Takashi Inoguchi is a distinguished political science expert and educator who has accrued more than 45 years’ experience in his field. Since 2017, he has honorably served as an eminent scholar and professor of political science within the Institute of Asian Cultures at J. F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan.

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Inoguchi was chancellor and president of the University of Niigata Prefecture between 2009 and 2017, as well as a professor at Chuo University in Tokyo from 2005 to 2009. Beginning in 1977, he was an associate professor and professor at the University of Tokyo, where he attained emeritus status in 2005. During this tenure, he was also a senior vice lector at the United Nations University in Tokyo from 1995 to 1997. He commenced his career at Sophia University in Tokyo in 1974, serving as an associate professor. Likewise, Dr. Inoguchi has served myriad universities in varying academic capacities in South Korea, China, Singapore and India, as well as at American and European academic institutions. He was also a visiting professor at the University of California Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Geneva, among several others.

Demonstrating versatility within his profession, Dr. Inoguchi is a prolific writer on such subjects as Japanese politics and foreign policy, Asian comparative politics and transnationalism as manifested in multilateral treaties and other formats. Publishing approximately 150 books in both Japanese and English, he recently authored “Exit, Voice and Loyalty in Asia” in 2017, “Trust with Asian Characteristics” in 2017, “Globalization, Public Opinion and the State” in 2008 and “American Democracy Promotion” in 2000. In sequel to the book entitled “The Development of Global Legislative Politics: Rousseau and Locke Writ Global,” published in 2019, his forthcoming book, “Digitized Statecraft in Multilateral Treaty Participation: Global Quasi-Legislative Behavior of 193 Sovereign States,” will be published in 2021, dealing with subject matters such as multilateral treaties and the theory of global legislative politics, as well as quality of life-based typology of Asian societies.

To attest to his success, Dr. Inoguchi was recognized with the Takashi Inoguchi Endowed Track on Quality of Life and Well-Being in East Asia by the International Society for Quality of Life Studies in 2018, who previously honored him with a Distinguished Research Fellow Award in 2014 for his QOL focused Asia-wide survey titled “AsiaBarometer.” Additionally, he is the recipient of the 2007 International Communication Excellent Research Award. Furthermore, the Suntory Cultural Foundation bestowed upon him the Best Book of the Year Award for “International Politico-Economic Framework for Analysis” and the 2008 Japan Association of Public Policy Best Book Award for “The Genealogy of Theories on International Relations.” Notably, Dr. Inoguchi was appointed a Fulbright visiting scholar at Harvard University, the University of Delhi, the University of Aarhus, Johns Hopkins University and Peking University, among other universities.

Looking forward, Dr. Inoguchi intends to continue writing and researching while also remaining abreast of new developments in political science and theory.

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