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Since 2019, Nathaniel Blum has notably served as the executive director of The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board. Boasting an interest in farming and agriculture due to his background in farming as a young child, his eventual return to the agriculture industry was a natural progression. In his role as executive director, Mr. Blum is in charge of the administration and budgeting of the board, as well as partaking in marketing and communications relations. Devoted to his hands-on approach to the field, Mr. Blum also dedicates his time outside of the office, in which he speaks to farmers directly about outreach programs.

Concurrent to this role, Mr. Blum is a consultant with NB Consulting Solutions, a consulting firm he founded in 2018 regarding agriculture and policy. Prior to these endeavors, he worked within the realm of government as secretary of agriculture for the Alzheimer’s Association, for whom he initially served as a volunteer. Climbing up the ranks, he was introduced to a congressman in Washington, D.C., who invited Mr. Blum to join his team. Employed by the First Congressional District of Nebraska, he served as director of outreach and agricultural policy between 2013 and 2018.

Mr. Blum notes that there has been a significant decline in the sorghum industry within the United States, and thus, his interest in the maintenance and sustainability of agriculture blossomed. Coupled with his past work in agricultural policy with the federal government, his passion for environmental causes has allowed him to develop his own sense of purpose. Notably, he is the fourth generation of individuals in his family to own and manage the family farm, which he does so with immense pride.

Among the notable achievements of his career, Mr. Blum emphasizes that his family is the most significant accomplishment he has made. Married with four children, he makes it a priority to give back to his family and community. Looking toward the future, Mr. Blum intends to develop a new model in agriculture that he aims to eventually be marketed on a national scale. Likewise, he desires to become a role model to his children, from whom they can derive inspiration and attain their own definitions of success.

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