A legal professional for nearly 50 years, Ernest Dorchester Buff has garnered a laudable reputation within the area of patent law. As chair and managing partner of Ernest D. Buff Associates, LLC, since 2004, he specializes in the prosecution and litigation of patents, copyrights and trademarks. In connection with these tasks, he participates in the preparation and filing of patent applications; identifies, protects and monetizes patient properties; licenses patents; and partakes in the development of intellectual property. Furthermore, Mr. Buff deals with confidentiality agreements and joint venture agreements.

Diversified in his career, Mr. Buff received a JD degree from the Boston University School of Law in 1969 and went on to be licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and New Jersey. Additionally licensed by the Supreme Court of the United States and the U.S. Court of Claims, he previously served as an attorney with Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti earlier in his career. Impressively, he spent 30 years with Honeywell in various positions.

Civically involved as well, Mr. Buff has been a member of the President’s Advisory Council for Small Business since 2003 and he maintains affiliation with the American Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, New Jersey Bar Association, District of Columbia Bar Association and Morris County Bar Association, among many other organizations. Acclaimed worldwide by colleagues and clients alike, Mr. Buff attributes his success to his love for the craft and the interest he holds in his many projects. He also gives credit to the support and cooperation of his family, who understand his passion for the law.

At the inception of his academic studies, Mr. Buff was encouraged by his father to delve into patent law due to Mr. Buff’s love for writing and engineering. As patent law is defined by the preparation and prosecution of various inventions, Mr. Buff coupled this idea with his passion for advancing the state of the arts. With his background in engineering, he has also utilized a Bachelor of Science degree in his legal practice, thus evolving himself into a well-rounded attorney.

Among the highlights of his career, Mr. Buff is proudest of the patent portfolio he developed, which he notes has been his greatest achievement. He says that he and his colleagues were involved in a project regarding a new material called “amorphous metal.” The metal had unusual characteristics and was proven to be viable in various applications.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Buff intends to continue working at his firm and advancing the state of the arts, particularly in patent law and intellectual property law. Driven by his love for music, he also desires to write a symphony.

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