As the chairman, founder and president of Evergreene Architectural Arts, Inc., in Brooklyn, New York, Jeff Greene dedicates his time to the restoration and conservation of artistic pieces and national historic buildings. Renowned as one of the country’s foremost experts in traditional and innovative techniques for murals, ornamental plaster and decorative finishes, Mr. Greene’s role in spearheading Evergreene Architectural Arts has led him to assume a pivotal role in the company’s large scale conservation and restoration of numerous buildings, such as the Chrysler Building, Radio City Music Hall, the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol Building and the King’s Theatre, among others.

Known as one of the leading specialty contractors in the artistic world of the U.S., Evergreene Architectural Arts was established in 1978 and celebrated its 40th year anniversary in 2018. Mr. Greene attributes his and his company’s success to luck and hard work, noting that he consistently tries to find creative solutions to complex problems. Additionally, he says he has worked with wonderful individuals who have shared his vision and quality standards.

Mr. Greene is currently working on restoring the Jefferson Memorial, and he and his company are simultaneously working on the State Capitols of Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Illinois. Drawing upon an artistic background in painting and public art, Mr. Greene found his niche in architectural ordinance after spending many years working with art groups and community theaters. He spent his apprenticeship painting billboards in Times Square and, through the natural progression of time, transitioned his interested to public art and preservation. During this time, he discovered the importance of preserving the past to maintain the character of the cities in which he worked.

A board member of numerous organizations, such as the National Society of Mural Painters, the Association for Preservation Technology and the League of Historic American Theaters, of which he has also served as president, Mr. Greene has also participated in numerous representative projects.

In recognition of his and his company’s success, Mr. Greene has accrued several accolades over the course of his career. In 2011, he won the Arthur Ross Award from the Institute for Classical Art and Architecture, and in 2014, received the Pillar Award from the New York Preservation League. Most recently in 2018, he earned the Landmarks Lion Award from the Historic District Council.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Greene intends to spend more quality time with his five grandchildren, work on his own personal artwork and mentor the next generation. He intends to maintain the same quality and aspirations that his business currently boasts.

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