Frederick, Vicki 1986489_4001986489 Newsletter REVISEDVicki Frederick is a noteworthy public relations agent who has been serving the Urban Rascals Global Foundation for several years. A charitable organization, Urban Rascals allows children and teenagers navigate through the entertainment industry and ultimately find their true inner selves in the process. Ms. Frederick takes pride in her work, and notes that she enjoys working with child and teenage productions in order to provide the youth with a positive message.

Prior to her current role, Ms. Frederick worked on casting with such acclaimed television shows as “Law and Order” and “New York Undercover,” as well as for several commercials. Boasting more than two decades of experience in the field of public relations, she has been married to her beloved husband, Schimeon A. Frederick Sr., a disabled Air Force veteran, for nearly 50 years. Ms. Frederick and her husband live in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and have three children. She has been recognized significantly as both a talented public relations agent, as well as a strong maternal, family-oriented figure.

Advocating for social justice and equal rights to underrepresented communities and minority groups, Ms. Frederick is passionate about spreading her wisdom and experience through the written word. She has been decorated with myriad accolades throughout her career, having been named among the Top Female Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs by Worldwide Branding. She maintains affiliation with the International Women’s Leadership Association and attended college at Bronx Community College at the age of 18.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Frederick intends to expand Urban Rascals and provide enlightening, encouraging messages to children of all backgrounds.

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