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Yang, Nancy 2126425_36776757 NewsletterInterested in art from a formative age, Nancy Lien Yang is a Taiwanese native and developed a deep interest in Chinese art. Experimenting with various mediums, she discovered pastels and realized it was perfect for expressing Chinese artistic values in a Western medium. Since that time, Ms. Yang has become a nationally and internationally acclaimed pastel artist. Her work has been exhibited in the 45th SOKI Art Autumn Exhibition and 58th SOKI Art Spring Exhibition in Tokyo, as well as the IV Biennial International Pastel Show in Oviedo, Spain.

Drawing upon both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of California Berkeley, Ms. Yang is a past president of the Pastel Association of Taiwan, retiring from her role in May 2019. She continues to serve as a coordinator and board member. While serving as president of the association, she organized the International Pastel Exhibition in 2014 and 2017, which she cites as a career highlight. Notably, the International Pastel Exhibition is internationally recognized as one of the best pastel shows, displaying a uniqueness in that it displays various works from different cultures across the globe.

Prior to her roles in art, Ms. Yang served the State University of New York at Purchase as an analyst and director in the Department of Computer Services between 1979 and 1996. During her illustrious career, she has maintained membership with the American Artists Professional League, the Allied Artists in America, Audubon Artists Inc., the Pastel Society of Spain, the Pastel Society of America and the North America Pastel Artists Association.

The artist of “Sand Play,” “Pink Rose,” “Repulse II” and “First Snow,” among other works of art, Ms. Yang has been twice certified by the Daniel Greene Workshop in 1998 and 2000. She attributes her success to her wonderful teachers, as well as her own diligent work ethic within a field she truly loves. Looking toward the future, she intends to continue painting and traveling.

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