Roop, Joseph 3715604_319313 NewsletterSupported by 36 years of practiced experience in economics, Dr. Joseph M. Roop was influenced to enter his career by his undergraduate professor of economics at Central Missouri University in Warrensburg, Prof. Joseph Dolecki. Challenged in a way in which he had never been challenged before, he was inspired to launch his career in economics from that point forward. Another major influence on Dr. Roop’s career was his major professor as a graduate student, Millard Hastay.

After earning his doctorate from Washington State University in Pullman in 1973, Dr. Roop embarked upon his career with the University of California, College of Agriculture, in Berkeley for two years, then with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., in 1975, serving as an economist with the Economic Research Service. Maintaining that role for four years, he went on to become a senior economist for Evans Economics, Inc., from 1979 to 1981. For the remaining three decades of his career, Dr. Roop served as an economist and staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, from 1981 until his retirement in 2011.

During his tenure at Pacific Northwest, Dr. Roop was also a member of the International Energy Agency in Paris in the early 1990s and served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Economics at Washington State University for 12 years. Formerly serving in the U.S. Army for two years during his graduate studies, Dr. Roop has also contributed myriad articles to professional journals throughout his career.

As a testament to his success, Dr. Roop received a retirement honor from Pacific Northwest in 2006 and was awarded a research grant from the Cooperative State Research Service from the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1971 to 1973. In his spare time, Dr. Roop enjoys genealogy and has authored two books, “The Maryland Descendants of Christian Roop, 1732-1810” in 2014 and “Descendants of Christian Roop, 1764-1855” in 2019. Looking toward the future, he intends to publish two more genealogy books, as well as a memoir for his grandchildren.

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