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Fudge, Toni 4120645_35486184 Newsletter REVISEDToni J. Fudge has always displayed versatility in her life, and she attributes her success to her ability to listen intently to the work and advice of colleagues, industry professionals, friends and family. Beginning her career in bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses, she remained in these roles for 12 years before receiving an associate’s degree, with a specialty in biology, and a bachelor’s degree in applied zoology. As a single parent with a small daughter, Ms. Fudge found it difficult to discover a job that suited her needs, and she eventually came across a state-funded program for professional drivers. Soon thereafter, she obtained a commercial driver’s license that permitted her to drive tractor trailers, doubles and triples, tank vehicles and passenger vehicles. For 10 years, she served as a tour and charter bus driver for the Gray Line Tours in San Diego.

While pursuing a master’s degree in counseling education, Ms. Fudge worked for the City of San Diego in refuse collection, where she collected residential trash for five years. In her pursuit of education, she secured an internship with Episcopal Community Services between 1989 and 1994, doing group intervention with violent men. This experience introduced Ms. Fudge to the world of counseling, and she sought to improve upon her skills with further training. Relocating with her daughter to Oregon in 1994, she was accepted into a PhD program at the University of Oregon.

Although she did not complete the PhD requirements, Ms. Fudge was employed by Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, in 1998 as a part-time faculty member, a role she still holds today. From 1999 to March 2020, she also served as a substance treatment and mental health counselor in the Chrysalis Program at the White Bird Clinic in Eugene. Likewise, she also holds a small private practice for individuals with mental health and substance use issues.

Ms. Fudge has maintained affiliation with the American Counseling Association, as well as the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis. Alongside her demonstration of persistence and tenacity in the face of struggle, she finds the most rewarding aspect of her career to be giving individuals unstructured assignments so that everyone has the opportunity to be creative in their own ways. She enjoys seeing others change and grow.

Characterized as an honest and ethical woman, Ms. Fudge has been recognized for her contributions to education and counseling in the 65th edition of Who’s Who in America, published in 2010. Looking toward the future, she intends to continue completing meaningful activities.

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