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Carroll, Monica 4562178_4004562178 NewsletterGrowing up in tumultuous beginnings, Monica Lynette Carroll moved to California when she was in the fourth grade and attended Del Campo High School, graduating in 1989. Working full-time while attending the local community college, she developed an interest in exercise and healthy eating. Joining the faculty of a local all woman’s health club, she quickly discovered the world of nutrition and fitness. She subsequently grew a strong passion for the industry and grew a closely-knit following of students, who enjoyed her upbeat, high energy and informative exercise classes. Over the next several years, Ms. Carroll delved into the business facet of managing a health club.

Acquiring a variety of fitness and nutrition certifications, Ms. Carroll is a certified yoga instructor, certified holistic health coach and Ayurveda practitioner. She soon became involved in training and competing for Ms. Fitness while managing health facilities in numerous U.S. states for 24 Hour Fitness. During this period, she also discovered her interest in criminal justice and true crime, leading to the introduction to her future husband, Patrick Carroll. Through him, she gained employment as a private investigator at Horsemen Investigations, a role she has held for nearly 20 years.

Utilizing her analytical and inquisitive mindset derived from her time spent as a private investigator, Ms. Carroll questioned her own personal health and learned the truths about the food supply and American diet. Representing the culmination of her diligent work in fitness and desire to learn the truth, coupled with her certifications in yoga, nutrition and Ayurveda, Ms. Carroll formed Monica’s HARD Yoga.

Initially formed as a means to communicate her teachings, facts and recipes with her students, Monica’s HARD Yoga was soon transformed into a method by which Ms. Carroll can off er health and nutritional workshops, master classes and training courses. Though her yoga studio has been met with significant success, Ms. Carroll is proudest of teaching her students the fundamentals of living a yoga lifestyle and incorporating mindful teachings into their everyday lives. Since her studio’s inception, she has taught at corporate events, retreats and for groups and private instruction. Looking toward the future, she intends to continue flourishing within her community and with her yoga studio. She would also like to travel more and host bigger events across the globe.

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