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Younan, Melinda 1616057_40004064 NewsletterMelinda Younan is a native of Tehran, Iran, and grew up in the midst of the Islamic Revolution. Hailing from a highly educated family, she was known as a top achiever in her high school. However, because she was from a different ethnic and religious background, she found it difficult to study medicine. With her sister as her support system, who, at the time, was studying gynecology and obstetrics, Ms. Younan chose to study audiology with her sister’s encouragement.

A clinical audiologist at National Hearing Care for several years, Ms. Younan has also been a principal audiologist and educational trainer. Supported by a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in audiology, she also holds a graduate certificate in international health. Notably, she published the first book in Iran about auditory training in children after cochlear implant operations in 1997, and has written audiometry manuals for students in both the public and private sectors.

Attributing her success to her goal-oriented focus and her ability to overcome adversity, Ms. Younan has also held an innate ability to recognize and seize opportunities. In addition, she credits having a sense of care toward others and a courage to follow her passion. Prior to her current role, she was an audiologist for the Cochlear Implant Team of Iran, an accredited audiologist in Australia and a teacher of audiology at the Sydney Institute.

Ms. Younan notes that the most gratifying aspect of her career is having the chance to share her knowledge and experience with others unconditionally. Teachers, coaching, training and supervising others who are beginners gives her the opportunity to express her passion and provide them her full support toward them becoming future professionals. Looking toward the future, she intends to progress further within her company.

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