Simms, James 3701236_4003701236 NewsletterDrawing upon a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Oklahoma, James R. Simms is a noteworthy physicist and engineering executive who founded Simms Industries Inc. in 1983, where he developed computer based training centers and weapon systems. Retiring from his role as president in 1997, his work is supported by many decades of expertise in both physics and engineering. Prior to his most recent post, he served such corporations as Booz Allen Hamilton, General Electric, Systems Research Corporation, ITT Intelcom and Fairchild Aircraft, serving each company in increasingly responsible roles.

After serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II and earning a degree, Mr. Simms commenced his career with the Martin Company within the realm of guided missiles. He worked as a guidance and systems engineer on air to air, surface to air and intern continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Driven by his desire to develop a quantitative living system science to negate nuclear warfare and the ultimate destruction of civilization, he has written three books on the subjects with a forthcoming book regarding quantitative living systems science. He has always held an innate understanding of the fragility of civilization subsequent to the development of nuclear warheads.

Notably, Mr. Simms is a member of the Cherokee Nation and was recognized as a Cherokee Warrior in 2015. Equally passionate about his community and local politics, he served as county coordinator for the election of Congresswoman Beverly Byron and served on the board of directors of the Southern Howard County Democratic Club. He holds numerous patents within his field and has invented a mobile security system, having also co-invented a missile guidance system.

The proud father of one daughter and grandfather of three grandchildren, Mr. Simms enjoys dancing and aviation in his spare time. He has been highlighted in the 71st edition of Who’s Who in America, published in 2018.

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