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Supported by nearly 40 years of practiced experience in business practices, Morgan Frank Myers commenced his career in 1958 as a senior executive for Macy’s in San  Francisco, a role he held for six years. Hired soon thereafter by Crown Zellerbach Corporation in San Francisco in their marketing department, he had the opportunity to learn about compensation and soon escalated through the ranks to manager of salary administration. In 1981, Mr. Myers served the corporation as director of compensation until his departure in 1986. From there, he was president of Morgan Myers & Associates in Sunnyvale, California, until 1992 before serving Life Scan as director of compensation until his retirement in 1997.

Among the notable highlights of his career, Mr. Myers most enjoyed his tenure at Life Scan. When he was hired, the company had just reached $100 million in sales. Upon his retirement five years later, the company reached $1 billion in sales. Equally passionate about civic programs, he has been involved in much volunteer work over the years. The first chairman of the board of his local preschool, he subsequently hired a number of managing directors for the school. After the preschool’s 40th anniversary, the preschool had a staff of 29 that served 329 children while grossing over $1 million per year.

Mr. Myers always held a desire to help and develop people, which transcended into his business career. Finding great pleasure and satisfaction from seeing individuals grow and move on with their lives, he is still actively involved with his local church.

Happily married to the late Barbara Ann Stratton for more than 50 years, Mr. Myers is the proud father of two children, Melinda and Megan. He is also the doting grandfather of four grandchildren. A former sergeant of the U.S. Army Reserve, he enjoys traveling, reading and playing tennis, golf and bridge in his spare time. In light of his outstanding contributions to his fields, he was featured in the 23rd edition of Who’s Who in the West in 1992.

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