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Christine De Zeeuw became involved in the engineering industry due to the influence of her family. Supported by her father, aunts and uncles – who were all engineers – she is proud to have hailed from a lineage of logical thinkers and problem solvers. Deciding to pursue the field in college, she discovered that engineering was the perfect fit for her skill sets. Employed with SeaLandAire Technologies for the duration of her career, she first served as an intern in 2015 before being hired on a full-time basis as an electrical engineer in 2016. Alongside her primary career endeavors, she has been a designer and tester for Circuit Boards for Defense Applications for Marine/Research, and a designer and tester for Sonobuoys.

Among the notable highlights of her career, Ms. De Zeeuw is proudest of when she went on her first off-site field test on a naval base in San Clement Island in San Diego. She was
then afforded the opportunity to test the hardware she had been working on, put the pieces together and witness it function effortlessly in the field. She found the experience
immensely satisfying, knowing that the culmination of her hard work paid off.

Attributing her success to her determination and ambitious drive, she notes that her problem-solving and creative thinking skills have propelled her forward in her career, particularly in her designs and troubleshooting. Grateful to have the chance to think outside the box on many of her projects, she says that one can achieve their goals through having a dedicated work ethic and unwavering motivation.

Ms. De Zeeuw notes that although engineering is a male-dominated field, women should
never falter in the face of the challenges the field presents. Looking toward the future, she strives to be in a higher leadership role on her projects. In addition, she desires to have more responsibility, more knowledge and maintain greater involvement in the management process.

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