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An award-winning poet, Alyce Mae Nielson was motivated by her mother early on in life, who always had time to listen to her daughter’s struggles and practiced knitting and crocheting. Active in her local church, Ms. Nielson’s mother was a natural philanthropist and compassionate giver. In light of her early infl uence in the church, Ms. Nielson was inspired to write by the Bible. She believes that there are signifi cant lessons and advice to be learned from the Bible, which can be transposed to other individuals.

At the inception of her career in 1963, Ms. Nielson was a school lunch manager at Brooklyn Public School #61 for one year before becoming a clerk in the stock and bond dividend department of the First National City Bank of New York City from 1966 to 1969. Later in her career, she spent 18 fruitful years as a lecturer, trainee, group leader and center manager for Weight Watchers in multiple boroughs of New York until departing from the prominent weight loss company in 1997. Civically involved as well, Ms. Nielson volunteered for Warm Up America in Kingston, New York, from 1999 to 2002 and Busy Bees, where she has been knitting and crocheting items for the needy since 2003.

Ms. Nielson has always nurtured a love for writing and has contributed numerous poems to various anthologies during her career. Impressively, she is self-published and the author of two books of poetry, “Blessings” and “Poems, Prayers and Inspiration.” Raised in a rural environment as a young girl, she has always held a deep appreciation for nature and writes about her experiences. Desiring to be remembered as an individual who has always contributed to the betterment of those around her, Ms. Nielson draws upon her knowledge and believes her affinity for poetry is a God-given talent. She is a member of the International Society of Poets. In the current day, she intends to spend the summer months teaching crafts at the Flatbush Reform Church Bible Camp.

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