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Dr. Michael Eric Siegel is a pronounced federal judicial center official and educator whose expertise spans several industries. Serving as an adjunct assistant professor of government at Johns Hopkins University’s DC campus since 1977, he has also been a senior education specialist in the Executive Education Division of the Federal Judicial Center in Washington since 1988. Previously, from 1985 to 1990, he has acted as chairman of the Commission on International Affairs with the American Jewish Congress. Prior to these appointments, Dr. Siegel served such universities as the University of Maryland, College Park, American University and the University of Virginia as a professor and director.

A former secretary of region II of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, Dr. Siegel maintains affiliation with the American Political Science Association. He has further contributed myriad articles to professional publications and authored the book “The President as Leader,” which its second edition debuting in 2018. The book can be purchased on Amazon. Presently, he intends to continue adding chapters to the book.

Always interested in education, Dr. Siegel enjoys teaching political science and leadership. His passion for teaching led him to become an educator of professional application, which led him to further educate federal judges so that they can apply their knowledge to their positions. Academically studying political systems in college, he was initially trained as a political scientist before becoming involved as a judicial center official.

Happily married to the late Anne Paula Solotar for over 25 years, Dr. Siegel is the proud father of one daughter, Sophie, and a son-in-law, DC detective Aaron Maknoff. He also has two grandchildren, Lon and Avi. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing karate, playing tennis, singing and playing guitar. Looking toward the future, he intends to retire from his academic positions while pursuing consultant work in the field.

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