Alligood, David 4119267_3223 Newsletter REVISEDSupported by five decades of practiced experience in engineering, David Alligood is a prominent figure in his industry whose expertise is unparalleled. Commencing his career with the Welded Tube Company of America in 1969, a company with which he would stay for the entirety of his career, he first served as a manager of engineering for nine years before ascending the ranks to manager of operations until 1979. For the following year, he served as assistant vice president of operations, followed by a position as vice president of engineering and planning until 1988. Since 1988, he served as director of technical development while also sitting on the board of directors.

A former sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Alligood initially joined his profession when he saw an opportunity to become involved with the design and building of a structural steel tubing plant. Over the course of his career, he advanced through the ranks at the Welded Tube Company. Although he originally did not choose this particular field, he has thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of his work. Among the notable highlights of his career, he cites remaining with Welded Tube Company at a crossroads of his life to be a major turning point. Finding that he would be able to accomplish more with the company than with other employment options, he is gratified by the accommodations they made for him because they considered him a valuable employee.

Mr. Alligood was inspired by his many mentors, including Raymond Didinger, V.P., who influenced him throughout his career, and Luis Bailis, the president and chief executive officer of Welded Tube Company. Throughout his career, he was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively, in which he found great joy. He values the experience of visiting other countries and witnessing how they functioned. Married to his wife Edna Price since 1954, Mr. Alligood has three children: Laura, Candace and Matthew. In his spare time, he enjoys engine building, sports cars and racing. Looking toward the future, he intends to enjoy life with his family.

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