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Drawing upon a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in politics from the University of Dallas, acquired in 1994 and 1999, respectively, Jonathon C. York is a respected and talented educator of government who has been serving Mountain View College in Dallas since 2005. He commenced his career as an adjunct instructor at the Northwest campus of Tarrant County College in 2001, holding the role for two years while simultaneously serving as an adjunct instructor in government and developmental writing at North Lake College in Irving, TX. From 2003 to 2005, he was also a visiting scholar in government at North Lake College. During his tenure in education, Mr. York has conducted research in three-dimensional operational models of ideological preferences, as well as designed comprehensive outcomes-based American government survey series. He also developed an individual ideological preference inventory.

Mr. York was a resident, armature astronomer and coordinator of star parties at Mountain View College. Demonstrating versatility in the field, he co-authored a chapter in a four-volume set titled “Honoring the Circle,” published by Waterside Books. Likewise, he has contributed to The Leo Test, a blog that he has been working on for 15 years and has since formalized using mathematical constructions. He is a former musician and music educator at the Primrose School Musical Workshop.

Pursuing a degree in politics due to his discovery that there was an area of his learning in which there was a gaping hole, he found that political theory filled that gap. He aspired to conduct a plethora of research in his areas of interest so that he would always have an answer to the questions posed to him. As such, he delved into an academic environment, not just out of necessity but also because it would give him an opportunity to both share his knowledge and help others get started on similar paths. Looking toward the future, Mr. York intends on continuing his work in political theory and teaching.

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