McClure, Philip 3693513_547446 Newsletter REVISEDPhilip E. McClure is a prominent business executive who has been in the engineering industry since 1964. Commencing his career as a maintenance technician for Remmert- Werner Corporation in St. Louis, MO, a position he held for two years, he relocated to South Bend, IN, where he acted in the same position with Associates Corporation for a decade. Founding his own company, Ni-Cad, Inc., in 1970, he has since been serving as owner and president. During this time, he was also the owner of SBN Aviation with FBO Holdings LLC from 1982 to 1987, having been president of the company since 1982. In addition, he was a longtime consultant for Facet Aerospace in Jackson, TN, from 1981 to 2004.

A licensed airplane and helicopter mechanic since 1964, Mr. McClure holds a diploma from the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. He got his start through the United States Air Force, where he enlisted in 1958 and was sent to aircraft maintenance training. Spending three years working on B-52 bombers, he then attended college and received a civilian license. His career has blossomed from there. During his career, Mr. McClure notably designed engine filter systems that were certified for all helicopters that operated with the Allison 250  series engine. Now implemented in thousands of helicopters with that engine, he considers designing the oil filters to be the highlight of his career.

Believing that anybody who has a good idea should work it out themselves, Mr. McClure has always encouraged the work and experience of working with engineers from different companies. He notes that some people only get to solve drawings or numbers on their desks, not a finished project. When he would go to conventions and meet these people, they would be in awe of how much work he put into these projects. A contributor of myriad exhibits to the Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum, Mr. McClure enjoys flying and playing golf and tennis in his spare time.

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