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Claire Knopf always enjoyed English courses during her high school and collegiate years, thus prompting her to delve into the field of copyediting. First serving as a freelance copy editor for Glamour, SmartMoney, Travel + Leisure Magazine, she subsequently held the same role for Massada Publishing Company with Magnes Press at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. In this position, she studied the Hebrew language and edited English copy. During this time, she was also a writer for Edrei-Sharon Publications in Israel. Serving in her prior positions for nine years, she spent an additional 16 years as a copy editor for Time Magazine with WarnerMedia in New York City, departing from the role in 1996. While at Time Magazine, she met her mentor Sarah Tuff Dunn, who was a source of encouragement and support.

For the following three years, Ms. Knopf was a freelance copy editor for Vogue Magazine until 2000, when she ultimately relocated to Salt Lake City, UT, to serve as a copy editor, writer, and reporter for the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games between 2000 and 2002. Considering this time to be the highlight of her career, she continued to maintain involvement in the realm of sports as a writer, reporter, and researcher for the International Figure Skating Magazine, a position she has held since 2002.

Certified in screenwriting and communication skills through New York University, Ms. Knopf authored a children’s book, titled “Lester Lamb: the Bogeyman,” as well as a screenplay. To remain abreast of developments in the industry, she maintains affiliation with the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Time Life Alumni Society and the New York Press Club. In light of her success in the fields of writing and editing, she believes wholeheartedly in enjoying your work, pursuing further opportunities, and remaining consistent in achieving success. Born in Passaic, NJ, and currently residing in Fort Lee, NJ, Ms. Knopf enjoys art, ice-skating, cross-country skiing and traveling in her spare time.

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