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Specializing in the areas of elder law and mediation, Rose Mary Zapor, Esq., has dedicated her law firm, Zapor Law Office P.C., to aiding others in their pursuit of wills, probates, Medicaid application, guardianship, and Social Security disability. Acting in this capacity for several years, she previously involved herself in academia, where she taught classes ranging from elementary level through graduate studies. From 1979 to 1981, she served as an assistant professor at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, having subsequently served as adjunct faculty in American politics, ethics, and communications at various universities throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri. She holds teaching licenses in four separate states.

Highly educated, Ms. Zapor holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and history, Master of Arts in education, Master of Fine Arts in theater, and Doctor of Jurisprudence. To share her wealth of knowledge with the legal community, she has authored several articles and contributed to myriad publications. She attributes her profound success to her diverse range of clientele and passionate staff members, who have made the legal process both interesting and worthwhile. Among the highlights of her career, she cites helping a father gain custody of his daughter in the state of Colorado to be one of the most fulfilling moments of her career. Likewise, her expertise is applied to numerous other instances, including helping families through economic and personal crises, as well as aiding younger generations confront the struggle of caring for aging parents and encouraging their children who are entering the workforce. Looking toward the future, Ms. Zapor intends to experience the continued growth and success of her prospering career.

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