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An expert in economic development for developing countries and international trade, Zenon Garcia, Ph.D., has been working since he was 7 years old. Growing up in a small town in Bolivia, he traveled to England and the United States to pursue an excellent education. Prior to delving into economics, Dr. Garcia demonstrated versatility by working in mines, in administration, and in a mechanic shop. While studying toward his doctoral degree at the University of Pittsburgh, he served as an assistant professor of economics for five years before becoming an economist for several organizations. Serving the Organization of American States in Panama, Honduras, and Venezuela, he also acted in the same capacity for the World Bank in Panama and Suriname.

In the latter half of his career, Dr. Garcia served the Pragma Corporation in Panama, the Nationale Ontwikkelingsbank in Suriname, and the United Nations Development Programme in Bolivia as an economist. Most recently, he was a data analyst for NADDIS DEA until his retirement in 2013. During his tenure in economics and academia, he contributed to the advancement of human resources in developing countries. He states that the practice of economics is complex in nature, as economists deal with human behavior. Navigating every aspect of the human experience, economics is theoretically abstract and takes a great deal of intellect and patience.

Dr. Garcia wishes to be remembered by his peers as an individual who climbed the ladder of success due to his diligence and passionate desire to accomplish his goals. Regardless of where an individual stands on the social ladder, that individual can reach the ranks of triumph through hard work and perseverance. With more than 70 years of practiced experience in multiple industries, Dr. Garcia is a prime example of where life can take you as a result of persistence and dedication.

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